Drive particle shader indivdually by age

Hi everyone,

I want my particle shader to change it’s color ramp position based on it’s age, but I cant seem to get it work properly. The goal is to simulate a water splash vanishing over its lifetime.

I am trying to make it work with drivers, no success so far. The object is just a plane with shader

Particle birth position:

Expected death position expected:

Result so far:

You can use the particle info node to map the age of the particle (Cycles only):

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That setup affects them as one object. I need control over each particle emitted

The setup I showed takes the age and lifetime of each individual particle as input, i.e. the material is different for each particle depending on it’s individual age.

If you use the node’s random output, you can also get a different behavior per particle:

So what more do you need in terms of control over each particle?

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Oh, thanks for the answer, but I want it in Cycles. I’ll try using Animation Nodes, perhaps I can achieve the same result using it.


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I meant Eevee. Sorry!

Ah, yeah, have to roll your own age system for eevee then.