Driven channel not working on a path?


I’m animating a rolling coin over a path. So i made a coin and an empty as the driver to let the coin roll. Thisa works as supposed to, but when i parent the empty to a path, the rolling of the coin stops. Is this normal or do i need some more sleep?

How can i let a coin roll over a path?

Thanx a lot,


This is normal behavior. If you open the Transform panel (N-key) for your empty you’ll see that its LocX/Y/Z coordinates don’t actually change while it follows the path, so the IPO driver won’t work. Does anyone out there know if we can bake path animations to IPOs?*

In the meantime this thread might be helpful to you.

*Edit: Duh me, I asked this question already in another thread :o. Fligh said:

Your Path doesn’t animate the object it translates it. So, if you keyframe the object at every 10 frames or so, every keyframe will be at the origin of the object before linking it to the path (or somesuch). It’s a bummer because it steals all rotations that you could hook a driver to.