Driven hand rig (Updated 2004.01.05)

Heres a hand rig concept I’ve put together, I’ve tryed to get a Maya set-driven functionallity into it. Download and have fun :slight_smile:

The Driver for the fingers is on the IK handle, which works as a normal IK node to move the hand. To get the hand to grip select the bone, and rotate it on its own(local) X axis (R,X,X) . The full movement is in a 90 rotation.

    <b>------------------------ Edit  2004.01.05 ---------------------------</b>

Update futher down(please move to WIP if inappropriate).

Well heres the a updated version.
A fully rigged arm/hand which, ive done a test animation on.

Heres the Blend (info text in blend file)
and a mpeg.

Have fun

This is cool. Thanks for the blend-File. Will take a deeper look into this one. :slight_smile:

That’s really clever!!! I never even thought about doing it that way, but in the end I think you may be better off making 1 “trigger” bone for each finger.

I’m definitely going to have another look at nla now!

I’m looking into it but apparently malefico’s site (with the nla tuts) is offline… did you look at specific tuts? Or are you writing one? hehe.

This one i figuered out on my own, i wanted to see how the “Action Consraints” could be used to make a driven animation. Its really powerful and the possiblities are many for setting advanced rig properties. And by collecting them on one bone (or a separate armature) makes for a easyier time in the NLA :wink:

As for writing a tutorial, i’m up for it if anyones interested :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, yes… Write tutorial, make us happy!!! :slight_smile:

Wonderful setup. The more tutorials the merrier is all I can say. I can just about imagine how you did it, but a little explaination would save everybody heaps of experimentation.


Ok I’ll get going at the weekend, watch this space :wink:

Cool!! Looking forward to that.

I’ve kinda figured it out and am definitely going to do my own altered version of your setup… took me a while to figure out you had to set the rot in the constraint to y to get it to respond to x rotation… rather a weird way of doing it. But I suddenly see lots of potential for this style of working.

Whoa Nozzy! This is the stuff! Now that’s what I call “Getting a Grip”.I’m trying to compile a list of ik rigs and Blender character animation rigging information here on elYsiun. A lot of the useful information we have on the basic setup of various properties in Blender gets lost in the mix of all of the other wonderful info here.

This is my thread. If you want to add your comments and file to the list that I am working on for the Blender community post here.-

Well heres the a updated version.
A fully rigged arm/hand which, ive done a test animation on.

Heres the Blend (info text in blend file)
and a mpeg.

Have fun

:o :smiley: fantastic. You should PM youngbatcat, he’s been very curious about alternative animation methods specifically relating to armatures.

Well done man!!

I wonder what you did with the copy loc with the 3 bones for the ball though??? It looks good, but how’d you fix that?

YOu BLEW MY EyES OUT ! I AM suinG you !


I willl hack your file and make power stuffff.
Oh will you test the new tuhopuu build please , It has a new Distance Limit Constraint created by Zarf, He ran into the idea as I was asking for the idea, so I have not figured it out yet, Bit it was supost to do something like pull the body when the arm is pulled to far.
^v^ :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

AAh! I see , it is all faked, Drat, return of the IKA syndrom hehe he heh.

Back when the ika ran around there were all sorts of fakes to remedy the true heavy bugs that lived inside of the ika, they would create super compicated rigs that were to difficult to hack. Like cloth and jumping and landing. This is easy enough to hack though.

Thankyou. :smiley:

Thanks for the replys :smiley:

This is the constraint animation for the ball, picking up and dropping.

That sounds cool, thanks for the tip.

Sorry man :wink: how did you think it was done? :slight_smile:

Nice rig, nice animation. I think I should point out though that the thumb is on the wrong side of the hand. It looks like a right hand on a left arm.

Yep, someone noticed it :wink: realised it aftered I’d weighted the hand i couldn’t be bothered to correct it.
Thanks for your comments :smiley:

:o I love your rig… too easy to handle

lots a gratitude

, This is from the new feature in The newest Tuhopuu , It is called a constraint "distant limit’
In this file if you grab stuff and pull it will have another object move with it after some disstance.
Now the fault of it is armatures,
Can you please test it and figure out what is wrong and what could be done. I will report all of this back to Zarf

and tuhopuu
or somewhere .
Like zto’s builds.