Driven ipo bug?

I have a disk to which I have given an ipo to make it spin once (360deg) in 100 frames. I have a second disk which uses the first disk as a driven ipo (the second disk spins twice as fast in the opposite direction). It works as it should, spin the first disk and the second one spins properly.

If I have the second disk’s ipo window open (x-axis first disk’s rotation, y-axis second disk’s rotation) and run the animation for one rotation (100 frames) the green line should go from 0 to 360 and then repeat but it rather goes from 0 to 1000 and then repeats. I gather the 1000 is 10*100 frames (the multiply value by 10 to get degrees thing).

Is this just my build or have others noticed this as well?


I’m confused by your description but I set up a test and what I see is that the frame count (The horizontal data. Not the rotation - vertical data) multiplies x10 and adds a symbol (degree circle with underline) as soon as the driver is added and goes back to normal if the driver is removed.

Maybe this is just a visual guide to inform you the selected object is driven (in case you don’t have the input window visible)??? I can’t see hwy it multiplies by 10 though.

(2.4a2 OS X 10.3.9)