Driven key help

Hi all!

I’m trying to set up a driven key arrangement that uses the X location of a bone to drive the “Count” property in an array modifier. The attached shows the setup I have tried.

I haven’t actually been successful in getting ANY kind of driven arrangement to work so I’m sure I must be doing something fundamentally wrong.

Hope you can help!


driverProb.blend (286 KB)

This is kind of interesting… I don’t understand why it’s not working, maybe this is something that hasn’t been developed yet or overlooked. I was curious as to if you could drive the count of the array modifier, so I added the modifier to a cube and added a custom property to it. I used that to drive the array modifier and it works. Change the driver from using the custom property to using a bone’s location, and it doesn’t work…

In attached .blend, in the transform panel, under properties is a field called count. As it’s adjusted the modifier works and changes.



drivenArray.blend (429 KB)

Looks like one way around it is to drive Length rather than count.

it looks like the driven key are still a sensitive area of blender 2.5 ie

Nice idea batFINGER and it works, but I still think there’s a bit of coding missing/not added yet/overlooked. The count can be driven by a custom value, but not a bone location? Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, but a custom property or a bone location are both defined as ‘variables’ in the f-curve editor’s drivers… so for one variable to work and another not… just seems wrong to me.


ok, so with the help of jawra, we came to see that it’s a bug of the version 2.56 available on, with the version r35555 it works a bit better, even for the count, the only thing is that it doesn’t update it in the 3d view. when the count change I have to check uncheck the offset setup, which is not really convenient either.


drivenArray35555.blend (431 KB)

@Revolt Randy…