driven shape key problems

I am trying to use driven shape keys in an animation, but it isn’t working. I have set up the shape keys and the armature, and I added the correct bone as a driver in the ipo window for each shape key. However, instead of adjusting the shape key value, when the bones are moved in pose mode, they just move the vertex groups that correspond to the shape keys. i have tried changing the names of the bones, but the problem still occurs. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? Thanks.

turn deform off in the bone settings window should fix this.

they just move the vertex groups that correspond to the shape keys??

Well it is not very clear to me what your problem is. In the shape key panel there is a field to enter the vertex group where the shape will be present. You can make a shape key for both eyes, but you can mute one eye by selecting a vertex group of the left or right side of the model. If you do not work with this, then that field should be empty.

The other is as Mr Chipy? said…Does this bone has vertex groups to deform? The problem is that if you already assigned ( weight paint) some vertex for that bone and you make that bone to not deform anymore, then chances are you must re-assign that vertex group to deforming adjacent bones. Otherwise noone will move them creating a weird rubber effect on your mesh.