Driver Constraint - Simple?

Hello All,

As I keep experimenting with Blender, I found out that Drivers are a BIG DEAL in almost any character I want to animate.

So first I’ve tried to understand how to make it works following some Video Tutorials and was able to make a simple Cube with 2 Blend Shapes (because 1 is too simple) of Minimum and Maximum limits on the Y Rotation.
It works wonderful but the steps to make it work was too long and a bit confusing.

So I found this AMAZING! Addon by Andreas Esau: “Driver Constraint Addon”
which look so simple to use and in a few clicks it should setup any shape key to any bone!

The problem (in my case) is that this Addon get lots of errors no matter what I do. :frowning:
Once I click “OK” I’m getting lots of errors, I’ve already sent a message to Andreas but I’m not sure when or if he will see it.
I’ve done many tests and followed his video tutorials but unfortunately the Addon is not working for me (I also tried on my other computer and even on a different Blender Build).

The reason I’ve started this thread is to know maybe I’m missing something.
Maybe there is a more SIMPLE WAY (something like Andreas Addon) built in today’s Blender Version? maybe something I’m not aware of?

Once the character get’s more Bones, more Shape Keys setting drivers manually is getting a long confusing process.

I strongly believe that such process/setup of shape keys and bones should be EASY and SIMPLE to do right inside Blender by default because it is a very powerful task that is a MUST for a character animation and more.

PLEASE share with me if you know of any other Addon or SIMPLE way to accomplish this, it will be great!
Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:
I wanted to test some Chubby Arms,
Thanks to the Drivers in Blender it looks better than it was before!

I think you are only dealing with inexperience. The more you do it and understand it the easier it becomes just like anything else. That being said, it is really easy to just copy one driver to another shape key and then change the bone and rotation in the panel if you need to.

I always feel the same way about modeling.

Thanks! I didn’t think about Copy / Past a Driver and just tweak it.

But still, compare to the Addon, it is still a few clicks to do anything really fast.
I just wish the Addon worked for me without the errors, it’s a time-saver and so easy to use compare to creating a new driver for so many bones on a rig, even with copy past.

That’s a real time saver of an add on, I was able to get it to work, but I had to right click on the value of the shapekey and right click and ‘copy data path’ then select both and hit w.

I tend to agree with Alon, that something like this should be a one click pleasure, rather than wading through the graph editor (Which I can do and relatively quickly)

Exactly Photox!
it’s like a short-cut when you have so many Drivers to set so you don’t even need to open the graph editor and copy /past, tweak and test. you just copy the data path you need, and the Addon automatically past it so it’s a few clicks.
If that worked for me without the errors I could setup so many drivers so fast, means I would focus on working and not on the technical side.

I with Blender will have a stable built-in option for this… because I have no luck with the Addon. :frowning:

Did you try copying the value data path first?

First I copy value of the data path from the Shape-Key I want,
I move the bone to where I want, Then I select the Object and Bone and press 'W for the specials menu,
I click on ‘Driver Constraint’ I change to Shape Keys and click OK.

When I click OK, I get errors right away so it’s not working for me, I tried more than once, not only with shape keys because I was curious.

Yes, it works perfect if I do it manually as shown on the screenshot of the very first post but… I wish the Addon worked. :frowning: