Driver Editor not showing HSV instead shows RGB

I have this idea of being able to apply Complimentary color theory in scene to minimize the time (I know results might be differ when applied in post and when applied in the scene). So, my idea was kinda like this: Adding 2 light source in any point of space and giving them both a different color following the Complimentary color theory, and add an empty to control the colors; Or maybe use 3 empty to control the HSV.

To accomplish this I tried using the drivers for the light color. So basically when I move the empty in a certain axis the HSV will change, and the lights will simulate the Complimentary color.

Everything is fine but the reason i’m here asking the question is because when I add driver on the color in the driver editor it shows RGB and it’s really complex comparing to HSV where I only had to change the H value from the HSV value sliders (for those who wondering then add the driver on HSV value slider. You can’t I mean we can’t put driver on color values only on the color itself).

So in short, How can I change the RGB on driver editor to HSV. If I can’t do thatis there any other way to overcome this problem?