Driver expresion = var>0

The value of var = 0.000
The scripte expresion = var>0
The value of the driver should be false(0) but it is true(1)
Anybody any idea why Blender does that ?

It doesn’t exhibit bad behaviour for me: :smiley:

But then again it wouldn’t dare… I will need to see the blend file to see what’s going on…

Cheers, Clock.

PS. Welcome to BA!

Heya, Dolores74

Have you clicked on update dependencies in the driver tab? Sometimes that will fix errors after configuring the scripted expression and variables.

When creating drivers for turning constraints on/off, I prefer to add the driver to the influence value of the constraint instead of the “visible” (eye) icon. That may be one area to check/change if you cannot get it working correctly.

Good luck!

Hi Clockmender, thank you for talking to me.

No, it is not correct. 0 is not greater than 0, it is equal to and Blender should return false.

I didn’t solve this problem but found a way around it. The switch goes from 0 to 0.5. So, whatever is greater or lesser than half of it (0.25) should be 1 or 0 and that works fine.

Hi DanPro, glad to meet you here.

Finally I have the chance to talk to you. @ first, thanks for the tutorials, I learn a lot from you.

I am making other members of the family now and they all are mice :slight_smile: (98 in total) so they can use all the same rig. I did not have a decent rig to work with so I figured, let me take some time out to make one. I hope my plan works because the size of the mice are differed and the challenge will be to get all the bones in the right place. So me, surfing the net for tutors and you are the most imported one.

My feet are yours. I fine-tuned my eye rig, moving the eyelids when moving the eyes was a great idea I took over. Now I can also cross my eyes too. ( A character like me should be able to do that :slight_smile: My tail is yours too and it is the most complex part of my rig. It took me e few attempts to get it working. As you can see in the image, it has three switches. It also has a switch to hide/show the tweak controls. Too many controls visible and I don’t think those tweak controls will be used often but they are there if I need them.

What I also do, when switching to IK/FK, is to hide/show the accordingly controls. They are in their own layer.

You have studied my image well, thanks :slight_smile: Yes I am Dolores 74. I believe I made the mistake to use the name of my character as my username. Everybody thinks I’m a girl. Papa mouse is a more appropriate username considering my age and gender.

Thanks for the reply and the tutorials
Papa Mouse

Hi clockmender,

Sorry, I did not understand you @ first.

If you are willing to dive into my rig, here it is. (Link removed)

The bones with the constrains on are “MCH Schouder Parent.L & R”. They are on layer 14. If you have the ‘Bone Layer Manager’ it should read “MCH Armen”. The switches to control these constrains are “Arm.L ® IsolaterRot”. The 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] and 3th from the top of the switch pannel.

It still bothers me why it doesn’t work. I like to know why.

OK, I’ll take a look over the next couple of days - unfortunately I am in bed with flu now, so it will have to be in-between sneezes, coughs and sleeping…

Cheers, Clock.

ok :slight_smile: get better soon.