Driver Expression : if .. else

I like to know if there is a full syntax list on driver expression that support if … else
My current understanding of expression of if … else looks something like below
=false if((var=2)elseTrue
where var = mod(int/10,3)

if so, why is my expression below does not work with no waring/error from Blender?

0false if((var=2)else 1

So I suppose the problem is not knowing the syntax for a if … else expression in driver for simple computation.

I m showing the driver’s if statement here.

Thank you skuax,
This works … I mistaken to use “=” instead of “==” for comparison of 2 operators.
Issue resolved. Closed

Oops sorry. Appears driver with this type of expression only works on 2.93 but not on latest 3.0A version ??

didn’t try it in 3.0…