Driver Keys

I’m pretty new to blender but have experience with Maya and XSI. I was wondering if it was possible to create something like Set driven keys in Blender.

I know you can select an attribute, right click it, and select add driver. However when I got into the graph editor, and set the graph to show the driver, I’m unable to add keys on the driver f-curve. Someone said this could be done by ctrl-left clicking, but I’m unable to get it to work. Please help. Thank you.

It looks like, by default, a newly created driver has a modifier applied to it to generate a curve for you. Press the N-Key to bring up the side panel in the graph editor when it is in Driver display mode. If you remove the modifier you can now freely CTRL-Click in the window and draw a curve.

Perfect!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for, although it looks like some functionality still isn’t there.

Regardless that’s fantastic to see that you can create something to drive an f-curve that easily.

While on the subject, do you know why action constraints are restricted to things in the transform channel?
What if I wanted to create a “custom property” that would drive an action? Is that possible in the current version? It seems like it should be a fairly simple functionality to add.

Thanks so much!!!

I don’t know a lot about actions. I generally don’t use them.

What seems to happen is that once you convert keyframes to action, they no longer appear in the fcurve editor so there is no way to drive them

Is that what you are experiencing?

From what I understand, the way to drive an action is through an Action Constraint in the constraint panel.

You add an Action Constraint to an object, choose the action you want to drive, then choose what object you want to drive it, along with a transform channel. What gets me is, why does it have to be a transform channel. It should be any property could drive it.

Blender cookie has a good tut on this