Driver not working with blender 2.62

Hello everyone,
It seems I can’t make drivers work on Blender 2.62. I am probably doing something wrong so here is a summary of what I am doing as a test case:
I’ve created to cubes with the intention of driving the X rotation of the second one with the X rotation of the first one. After right clicking on the X rotation parameter of the second cube (the driven one) I select “Add driver”. The slot turns purple. I switch to the graph view and enable the Drivers view. I select the X Euler Rotation channel and activate the Properties panel. I then choose “Maximum Value” for driver type. I have a single variable of “Transform Channel” type with the first Cube as the driving object with X Rotation and World Space / Local Space / Transform Space (I’ve tried all three, with no difference) selected. I have the default polynomial generator. I’ve clicked on “Update Dependencies” a number of times to.
When I select “Show Debug Info”, I have “0.0” displayed whatever the driving object’s X rotation or space.

What is there that I am missing???

Hmmm… dunno what you’re missing… I just set up a driver as you described and it works fine for me, see attached .blend. In it, the cube on the right, called ‘Control_Cube’ is the control that drives ‘Cube’. It works in world & transform space, but not local. It’s set to maximum value also, although generally I set them to averaged value. The default generator modifier is there as well, but it’s not needed and can be deleted and it still works.

Perhaps upload your .blend???



driver_example.blend (443 KB)

Thanks a lot for you .blend file. I tried to redo the two cubes setup again and it is in fact working. I was rotating the cube on the Y axis :frowning: (I was probably so f… up that I messed it up). In my actual project, I am trying to use a driver on a Cycles renderer “value” node. And I can’t make it working. So I tried to do a very basic driver setup on a test project (hence the two cube test)… which I messed up :slight_smile: So I suppose I might as well ask the same question but for my real problem: do you know if drivers are supported on Cycles material nodes? I have a hunch that it is not…
And once again, thanks for your help!

For reference, when dealing with the “local” transform space for drivers, rotation is the only transform channel which will be actively ignored. This is because the rotation values are used to define the local-space used (i.e. the rotation of the axes which location and scale are taken relative to).