Driver: problem in imperial unit


I think I find a bug with the driver system in the node shading not working in imperial units. I’m using v.2.83.1

I’m using the location values of a null object to be use as starting values for a clock: X= minutes, Y: seconds, Z: starting frame. In the shading material, I add a value node and add a driver to it using the x value from my null object as the starting value for the minutes. Same for the seconds value on y location et starting frame value with z value.

When the unit system is set to none or Metric, my clock is working fine. If I put a 10, it is 10 in the node value. But when I switch to imperial and put 10 in the X location, the driver convert the value in Metric and my clock is not working as expected. The number shown is 3.048 (which is 10 feet in meters) and this produce weird number on my clock output.

Can someone can confirm this bug or give me a solution to this problem.


I can confirm this is still a problem in Blender 3.0.
Even when the scene is set to use imperial units, the drivers still use blender units, which means the expression does not work right because the wrong number is being put in.

No solution found so far though.