driver san francisco

Anyone played it yet?

I’ve just got the new driver on my ps3 it’s really good but one thing, it doesn’t hve on foot gameplay. That’s one thing thats a big let down just looking at the graphics and gameplay all is good but just imagine what this game could’ve been if u could get out,shoot and more it would be cool if they just made an addon for this rather than wait for the next driver if there is one and ubisoft are its owners still.

It just gets dry driving around after a while it feels like nfs undercover a little. story mode is quite good but everything is going to be in the car and that shift thing that he does and thats it.

Just watching videos on youtube. I love how laughable the handing of muscle car is. It looks like boat on wheels in those corners. LOL

I’m just too hooked on forum games at the moment, but when I play it, I will give a review.