Drivers broken after closing blender

Hi all,
I’ve recently created a character in blender with some basic facial expressions etc. Now I’ve used a separate polygonal object for the eyebrows, which is where the problem arose. I added shape keys to the eyebrows to correspond with the shape keys of the character and connected them with drivers. all was well. but when I re opened blender today, the drivers appear broken. nothing I can do will convince the eyebrows to deform, and I’ve deleted the drivers and completely redone them a few times now, I’ve also tried using different keys, using deform channels on empties etc.

Has anyone had similar issues, and would you know how to fix it?

I look forward to hearing from you



Would really need to see the file, get in there and look around and see what you have going on.

In the graph editor, on the left side where the names of the driver curves, are there red underlines under the names of the curves?

That usually indicates something is broken.


Just a quick thought… are you opening it with as a trusted source?
Sometimes drivers get broken when opening a file untrusted, as they can contain lines of python code.

And to add to what freen mentions…without a valid name space sometimes drivers break as well upon reload.