Drivers for bone layers

Hello! so i have been working on a rig for animation for a while, and its almost done. anyways, so i have made IK and FK bones and a switch, all i really need to do now is make it so that (for example) i want to make the left arm FK, so when i switch, the bone layer with the IK turns off and the one with the FK turns on. i would really appreciate it if maybe you could help me with this or send me a tutorial video (as i could only find one video about this, and it was in pretty bad quality and very outdated) or a video of yourself doing it. By the way. i am still in version 2.79. Thanks!

almost forgot, here is the bend file for my rig if you want to get a better look at it:
character body V1 - bones8 - Organization.blend (1.5 MB)

It looks like you already know how to add drivers. Just add drivers to the bone layer, or to the “hide” parameter of the bone, like anything else! These parameters are booleans (True or False) so just an expression like “var > 0.5” in your driver’s scripted expression field and it will resolve as True or False.