Drivewell-WIP- Comments, Suggestions and Contributions.

Hello everybody,
my name is brendon and im currently working on a simple driving game. Below is some information relating to the game i hope you find it interesting.
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Drivewell Driving School is based in Queensland Australia and im putting together a game for their website. The game originally was to simulate the roadways of the local area and although a great deal of work was done on this, it was in the end a little bit (very) ambitious. So i have now opted for a much smaller, track based game which will instead of providing a challenge through the controll and correct driving of the vehicles it will provide at the end of each race or lap a challenging road rules question relating to the Queensland Australia road rules(although this will be editable for other areas). The correct answers will provide the players a multiplyer to their score, upgrades etc. Incorrect ones may restrict the player from gaining access to the next level or to the upgrades, these are not set in stone yet, but the goal is to provide an insentive to learn the road rules correctly in a fun environment.

The game is being delivered via the web plugin. I will be making the game distributable via a small tag which webmasters will be able to place on their websites or which we will be able to use in email marketing, the short tag or script will pull the game from our site and thus keep the distribution simple for people on free hosting and personal sites. It will also mean the content in the distributed sites will be kept up to date as the game progresses.

I am seeking Comments, Suggestions and Contributions from those with the will and ability to help out a bit and bring this to fruition.

For those wishing to try the game or to help out its currently located (07/01/05) on the Drivewell website at,0,0,1,0,0
which is the games section of the site.

The non-exhaustive todo list:
1)Delivery system: Javascript or clickthrough(to a different page) to allow the resizing of the gamespace so the game can be played on a range of systems from high to lowerend(slower) computers.
EDIT(08/01/06):Ive been working on this one and and i am having troubles when i resize the screen back down. It seems to stay at the largest size that it was run at when in a browser. It may need to get the current frame size and pass it back into the plugin to let it know it should shrink. When played in blender player it scales any which way fine and in the browser it scales up fine also. Im currently looking at getwindowheight and getwindowwidth but there is no set for either of these. I am thinking these normaly dont have a set to match the gets as it(the window size) is normally a fixed value entered when saving an exe. Much more study is needed and any help appriciated. Sample of the dodgy javascript scaler is here. Its rough till i figure out if the game can scale down or not without restarting.

2)Vehicles: add in scripting to change the colors and properties(for the addons, speed, etc) to save on game size.

3)Lots more small circuits.

4)Lap counter system.

5)Question delivery system. (could be in the game window or delivered externally on the webpage and passed to the game. Undecided as yet)

6)Lots of other things which i can’t think of right now and im sure there will be other great suggestions which will have to make it into the todo list also. :slight_smile:


PS. thanks has to go to iconjunky for his original blend which is now the base to the game.

Ver 0.02

This is a very small update
New development and game versions ( DW_002.blend & DW_225_002.blend )

Updated Items:

  1. Temp versioning system established. The game is been developed in the latest blender 2.40 and moved to the 2.25 version for compressing prior to uploading to the server. The working copy for the latest version of blender is called “DW_002.blend” and the version for blender 2.25 and the plugin is “DW_225_002.blend” . User contributions should use the latest file followed by and underscore and a username. e.g. “DW_002_nanonano.blend” and should never be saved with 2.25 to avoid dataloss. I will compress and save the file myself in 2.25.

  2. Smoking tyres have been added back in.

  3. Positions for the checkpoints on Circuit one decided.

For those wishing to help the DW_002.blend and future development blends can be found at . If you have edited the latest file and would like to contribute it to the project, for the meantime you may contact me via email at developers_AT_drivewelldrivingschool_DOT_com_DOT_au . If it becomes necessary a web development environment will be setup for easier file distrubution and versioning.


Ver 0.03

Three basic tracks now available.
File size is now 463kb i was hoping to keep it under 1mb but with the hope of having about 9 tracks it looks like once these and the audio are added it would be approx just under 2mb.

Updated Items:

  1. Two more basic tracks

  2. Positions of static cameras made the same for each track

  3. Made “s” scroll thru the available circuits(scenes).