driving an eye lid (without shapekeys).

I want to drive an eyelid by a bone.
Wel i have normal eye setup, they are parented by a head-bone, by rotation and fixed offset location.
The eyes are simple spheres. who folow a typical blender eye bone setup.

The Eye lid is a half sphere, its slightly larger, so when the eyelid turns on its X axis it closes, the eyelid is only fixed by a location relative of the head-bone.

So on the eyelid object i went the objects rotation properties, put in a specific driver (only for x axis).

Then besides that head i created a new “face-view” bone parented it to the headbone with fixed offset.
Then I created 2 eye-lid-control bones besides the face-view bone to control each eyelid.
those eyelidcontrol bones are parented to the face-view bone, the faceview is a place holder for all face manipulations bones.

Then i selected one eyelid object (with the x axis driver), and went to its driver setup and made it as below

I was thinking this would work in pose mode moving my eyelid bone would change the values
but it doesnt, moving the bone doesnt rotate the half sphere ??

Post a blend and I may be able to help.

Here is the mechanism i’m trying to build (later the control bones get custom bone shapes)

EyeLid.blend (231 KB)

Click on the eyelid to see its driver, ( the other eyelid has no driver )

I fixed the right eye. I locked all but the x rotation axis and re-positioned the eyelid control. You did not need a driver. You needed to parent the eyelid mesh to the eyelid control. If you want the eyelid to rotate in other directions, unlock Y and Z in the transforms panel.


You are going to have some issue using IK for your eye rig. I would suggest getting a copy of Humane Rigging by Nathan Vegdahl. Lot’s of basics to advanced rigging info in there.

Good luck!

Its not working correct. And not what i wanted
I wanted to make a separate control system to move the eyelids next to the head.
And later add other facial futures; for that drivers are needed i believe

Oh and the eyelid shouldnt rotate left right

From your example, the Driver Type needs to be setup.

At the moment its on Scripted expression with 0.000, which will just make it be 0.000.
Change Type to Sum or Average, or replace ‘0.000’ with ‘var’, to add the driver variable to the scripted expression.

Heres a modified example: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/31623

That was the trick thanks