Driving game

WIP. The track peices fit together by grid, it’s all one mesh but its easy to select a single peice by “selecting linked vertices”. The scripts, images and car model/tires are not my own, the rest is. Get winrar if you can’t handle the .rar file. TELL ME if your’s disagrees with this screenie.


Good stuff, but don’t use .BMP files, use .jpg instead they’re much more convenient…

With 2.42a the game go crazy, and with 2.43 RC3 it crashes??!
File too big?!
You can optimize your track…I know, it looks smooth this way, but,
Blender is a poor slow engine
All those turns plenty of triangles?!
I’ve made the car. You can use it as you wish, and the model too
or add one of your own.
Or modify the car…an empty car moving it’s a bit weird :slight_smile:
Do you know how to make a cover?
Anyway, keep working

I use the latest CVS at graphicall. It still runs smoothly on my computer, but you are right, I need to lower polys.