Driving Pat3d's fish mouth with custom properties.

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Here is the file.

I am not using Armature in this model. Just Mesh + Shape Keys. Download my fish and open in 249b and see how fast its opening and closing the mouth, but in this one is not doing so fast, very slowly.
Why Blender 256 automatically not recognising the shape key animation created in 249b

Yeah see what you mean… The fcurves in 2.56 have pose bone in the path which points to there being a missing armature… which as 2.49b shows there isn’t.

In this one I have copied your shape key ipo across for shape Key1 to the correct path which is simply Key1.

The other file I posted was purely meant as a sample to show how you can drive the mouth with properties, I didn’t make an effort to emulate the speed of your original animation. I’d suggest making a single action for a mouth open/close and using the NLA to repeat the action rather than cycling the fcurve… Gives more scope IMO for changing it up more easily.

Hope this helps… sorry for the confusion… and yes changing from 2.49 to 2.5 is annoying but as others have posted you will find it well worth it… wait till you see the render times.

PS it wont let me upload file atm… will try and work out why not otherwise i’ll attach a screenshot… anyway if you go to the shapekey slider and insert keyframe there you will see the pathname Key1 for instance come up in the action / fcurves and then you can copy the keyframes across…

Aha looks like i had to delete some old uploads to get this one … be handy if the site worked that out before it uploaded… like if size is too big … uploads it then red flags ya.