Droid #1177485464


This is a culmination of several weeks of learning, mostly by using CGCookie tutorials. I was finally able to put together a presentable render of my “Droid #1177485464” character… This is actually my first completed Blender project :slight_smile:

I used Blender for the modeling, UVing and render, Substance Painter for texturing.
I love the workflow and finally am convinced that Blender is really a powerful tool for professional 3D work!

Any critique is welcome :slight_smile:



You have a great concept there. good modelling and texturing. i think this deserve a better lighting.

Great work! Good job

Yeah, nice character here, you have a good work, thanks for sharing !

Really love it!

Really cool model. The only crit would be that the background blends to much with the model and that the model is too dark

love textures

exactly my thoughts!


Very cool! Needs better lighting :wink:

Hey buddy, nice work, clean workflow.

Are you interested to render your model with appleseed (blenderseeed)?

Ultimately, Substance Painter is the reason for it’s quality end result. You can have all the praise for working hard on modeling inside blender but if the textures don’t pop like they do thanks to SP it will get panned.

Great work.

Personally, I dig the dim indirect diffused lighting.

Is too dark

I wish it was a little bit more illuminated, I can’t see all the details. Other than that minor detail, great job!

Oh, thank you for all your comments, I did not realize this post is already approved and I did not check for a few days :smiley:

I will do something about the lighting for sure! :slight_smile:

very good character work indeed love the textures, yes blender is also a very capable software…

Great! good work !! I love it!

Great work! I would love to see it animated <3

Nice result. I’m just learning Substance Painter now. It seems very powerful.

I do not think I see very well because it’s perfect for me.