droid mobile F1. (update 11/5: towards readyness :) @page3 )

This is really fantastic stuff!
The only comment I can make is that the shadow maps seem a little rough and pixelated.
Other than that, amazing!
BTW I really like halo spotlight in the head idea, brilliant!

I think I love exclamation points!

what a shadow map? or should i chuck this in q+a…

thanks all!

scotland: well, it’s hard to count, because I never have a full day of time to model or anything, so it’s 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there etc… but I worked with the vehicle on three days… then the enviroment, it uses some of my old model, like Marvin the paranoid android, in the corner, and the monitor on the table. marvin took again two-three days, monitor was done in one day… and the room where I put all this was done in one day, and now today I worked with it again, so it’s again another day. heh.

one modelling day for me normally is something around 2-5 hours of actual blendering.

tomorrow I think I will take the first tries to put the vechicle INTO the background scene… and let’s see what it looks like…

phrangkk: in the updated version, the shadows are corrected.

gfx idiot: it’s a way how the blender calculates the shadows… dont know exactly what it means, but they are not raytraced (for the obvious reason) so this is like another way to render them…


here’s the updated render for the background:

what do you think?


It looks like the robo-mechanic has two spotlights on him judging by the spots on the floor. Is that intentional? Otherwise, this is great!

This is simply GRAND!

i am so jealous :x


curtiss: yes, lights are weird… perhaps I do something with them, perhaps not … dont know yet. now there are 3 spots inside that lamp :slight_smile:

updated picture, firsts tries to see them together…


woah! it looks like its a angel of blender, come out of his imagination. sorta like pinnochio. sorta.


the front tread pattern on the tires doesnt fit IMO, they are too shiny and stick out too much. also the computer is quite a contrast to the f1, the front is so flat, maybe make it a little more rounded

composition isnt tooooo hot, its pretty good, its just your eye goes from the middle to the far left, to the far right.

sorry about the crits, maybe i went a little overboard…

:o very kewl!

looks like a psycho-mind-controlling-robot-unit, but why is the keyboard flying around ?

cu keithian

thanks. I know mr. Idiot here is right about some parts, I didn’t understand the “eyes go here and there and then there again” completely, but I know the composition wasn’t best possible.

it was just quickly joined the car and the background scenes together… I needed to see how it will look like, if I can even use them together. I wasn’t very happy, but… so, this morning I decided to take another look of it, and I think it is possible to pull something off with the whole concept after all…

here’s the update:


yeha, thats way better. im still not too keen on the tires, but thats personal preference. what i was talking about before, is that your eye should flow from the objects of interest. in this case, in order of importance, f1, computer, basse. this tells the story that the f1 came from the design on the computer by basse. your earlier render forced your eye to jump around all over the place, which is “tiring” supposedly. you latest one is far better, allbeit a little linear. dont stop the rock!

p.s., i hope you realise this is total nitpicking, the model is fantastic.