droid parts shop

(basse) #1

here’s where you can buy parts, if you happen to need some… for your droids?


(freedroid game graphics)

(kaktuswasse) #2

Cool!How did you make the glow at the gun?

(Homer) #3

Was this pic done totally in blender?

Great job by the way!

(basse) #4


modelled and rendered in blender.
only post-production is the slight blurring on the edges of the pic… that is done in gimp.

you mean the green-part? that is normal semitransparent donut, and inside of it I have couple of halos and point-lamps with phere-boundaries…
I like to use those lamps quite a lot these days… the red colour on right side of the shelfs is done with sphere-lamp also…


(rndrdbrian) #5

Nice work.

Not really much to add really, nice work & image.


(blengine) #6

that is awesome! great droid design =D some texture strecthing on his shoulder though :frowning: turn cube mapping on might fix it

(kaktuswasse) #7

what are sphere lamps?

(basse) #8

well… add lamp. from the lamp buttons (f4), click “sphere” on… it’s on the left side…where shadows etc buttons are.
then, you can adjust “dist”, that is above “energy” button… try something quite small number like “1.00”, so you see what’s going on…

this makes the lamp shine only inside the sphere you have defined with dist… the light doesn’t go outside boundaries.

very useful in many cases when you need some light only parts of the scene and not spreading all over the place…


(kaktuswasse) #9


(paradox) #10

very nice picture. Love robots and droids. Nice use of sphere lighting


(gryphon) #11

Hmm, I like the leg-struts that you have there, so go ahead and add them to my order…also, got any good heads in stock? If not, I don’t mind waiting while you order one. As you can see, my 'droid is lacking something to keep his neck company. =]


Way cool. =]