Droid WIP

Hi everyone
first of all i would like to know what everyone thinks of this model and how i can improve it. It has no textures yet, the feet are not modeled and i have not applied any smoothing either.
Secondly, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can rig it. (see picture 1)
For instance the arm bends at the elbow, but twists just above it. how do i rig this?
thanks in advance.


What I do for mech rigging is use constraints. Seperate all the limbs and the joints. Make the joints parented to the joints and make the joints copy rotation of an empty.

sorry i don’t understand. could you please expand on it a bit more

Look for my robo scorpian thread. I have a rig posted in that.

roger roger

hi again
would anyone be willing to direct me or create a quick tut for me.
i would prefer to use an armature and parent the objects to it. How can i rig this model