Hello all,
Did this for the weekend challenge, but I like it so I thought I’d expand on it, so I was looking to get some feedback and ideas from all you other wonderful blender’ers. Obviously a droid of some kind. Personally I hate the head and will probably scrap it since I’m not under a time line any more.



the render quality is fairly low. It is really hard to make out the details. Looks like yafray dof with few samples and/or low quality settings. turn up the quality and turn down the reflections. a shadow of some sort would help too.

yafray skydome “Best” with DoF 8 samples OSA 8, 5 raysamples (I think), Thanks I’ll try turning down the ref a bit.

yeah, your gonna have to turn Auto AA off and give it a very high number(both settings) i would say 5 or higher.

Ok, other then the rendering settings (Thanks for the advise so far guys!!! :D) Are there any things you can see about the model? Any ideas of how to improve it, things that you would expect but don’t see? All input is appriciated!

Its hard tosay about the model itself, since it has so much refraction you can`t really see the details, i suggest you do a test render without materials and with blender renderer to really appreciate model

yeah, don’t worry about the scene and flashy stuff untill you’ve gotten the other parts taken care of…i would get rid of the HDR for now and just put a couple white planes around it for something to reflect and such(so you can see the details) and then put some more renders up.

oh and when you post new renders. maybe put which update it is in the link ? i didnt know if you were posting the same thing. and for that matter i really didn’t know where to look either.

Ok, had some time to play with my droid some more, lowered the reflection & mirror, and disabled GI and went with just my own lighting though it’s not perfect I think I was able to illuminate the “details” enough for a better crit. Have not messed with the mesh at all so any crits are welcome. Personally, not happy with the arms or head, so don’t be super critical of those cause I already plan to replace or modify them heavily. Anyway, on with the viewing…


i actually kind of like the head, but yeah, i agree about the arms

also, i think it would look neat if you connected the legs closer to the body and angled the nees out just a little.

looking good.

I agree with jessethemid, the legs will look better closer to each other ( and think IMO that the body is to ( what do u call it? ) Weith Wieth With? or in other word, to big to the sides ( DOH! :expressionless: ) ) but the material looks cool and the legs looks even better :slight_smile: and the head… looks fine to me, maybe a little to small maybe?

but ether way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replys guys!!!

About the legs being too far apart, my plan was to get an armeture in and then make the legs move in more once there were manuverable, I designed the hips to allow the torso to be lifted up. But I’ll see what I can do, your right, the arms and legs do look a bit too far out.