Since my Allosaurus did not work out so well, I decided to start a Dromaeosaur instead. This is the result of about 1 hr work:

Update: Started to rig.

Worked on the mouth. Added teeth and tongue.

Looking good so far… nice tidy mesh too. Something looks a bit odd about the top of the rear legs though… Looking forward for seeing how to progresses.

Made minor changes to the mesh and tidied up some problem areas. Reshaped the head to taper a little more at the end, which is more characteristic of certain dromaeosaurs like Velociraptor.

wow much better, i like it!

Thanks SDSJap and wjbarber, I appreciate it. I think I just need to add a few touches to the dromaeosaur, then start the tedium of adding particle feathers.

Here’s the normal map for the dromaeosaur, now to texture, then rig, and then last but not least add feathers.

And some texturing-

Another go at particle feathering, though it’s still funky in some areas. Also gotta fix some texturing…

It’s looking like a cartoony dino right about now, so I guess that’s what it’s going to end up being.

No crits?

I looked back at this project and realized that:

  1. I was taking too long.

  2. I was texturing/furring/sculpting a model that wasn’t all that great and needed some remodeling.

So, I deleted the files for the texturing and further stages(I save my work in stages) and added some more detail, along with making it less cartoony. I made a turntable instead of the usual render. I made the teeth a lot smaller, maybe I should enlarge them a little.

Applying finishing touches to remodel, almost ready for texturing. No critiques yet?

Looking good so far; remodel is the way forward.

A fun render I made testing out a color scheme using sloppy texture painting and a procedural bump map.

It’s not rigged or textured yet, I just made this for fun. I’d like some more crits than I have now because I’d like to know where to improve. I plan to make 2 versions, one with and one without feathers.

A camera tracking test I did with it:

And the stabilized version:

UV testing -

I optimized the UV’s as much as possible but I’m not the best at unwrapping.

And I’m getting kinda frustrated by the lack of crits, I need to know what to improve on.

The UVmap is mostly good with the exception of a few things.

-Minor stretching near the bottom of one of the legs and as the base of the tail.
-Progressively large scaling along the lower jaw (could be made more consistent with the rest of the map)

If you haven’t done so already, making use of the live unwrap option in the UV editor can be very useful.

Fixed the lower jaw a little, though there’s some stretching and distortion both there and in other places.

Newest turntable, finally resumed work on it.

looks good until i see it going around
then i see this:

would all six appendages on the fore-limbs be exactly the same size and held in exactly the same position?

relaxed hands usually have a staggered tiered look to the fingers and a suggestion of the grip function
more organic and less robotic looking

Looks great…only thing I could suggest is maybe fattening him up a little…with the turntable, looks a bit on the skinny side, but maybe that’s proportional to the way it is supposed to be. If not, and you still have the mirror, maybe just pull him out a bit. Nice work!