I’m sure non many of you can pronounce it right but Drommedaris (or Drom for short) is the name of the guard tower our city owns for 460 years.
I live in a town called Enkhuizen in The Netherlands wich almost was the capital of our country but Amsterdam got to be it. The “Drom” was created in 1540 as a guard tower in a defendwall around our city. In 1649 (The Golden Century called in Europe (the 17th century)) the “Drom” got two floors extra and in 1652 it got a carillion (clocks in the top).
So much for the history of this building. I am one of the seven men who use the top floor as a “cinemaroom” called a Filmhuis in Dutch. (Filmhuis littery translated to the English is MovieHouse…)
Anyway…every thursday we play a certain cult movie and I thought I’dd be nice to create the “Drom” in 3D for a Powerpoint presentation before the movie starts and to make the InternetSite more attrective.
The image is quiet large (1280x768) so sorry for lowbandwidth men…
C&C very welcome.

I also made a “lidmaatschapkaart” (membershipcard) for the "MovieHouse members…
Here it is.
(The left thing is a ticket-role…the center thing is pretty obvious…the right one ais a movie-role.)
I am going to make it nicer so C&C very welcome.

good start on the building :slight_smile:

The tower looks really good, keep it up.

thanks mates

here is a update (not much changed actually…
here is a stereoscopic image for those who have such red-blue-coloured glasses

good modelling and texturing all over!
been to enkhuizen a couple of times on charterboats across the ijsselmeer. Nice cosy town. I once got a haircut (or should I say, coupe millitaire) there for 1 gulden :slight_smile:


hehe, what a bad experience you must had… :smiley: I am truly sorry :smiley:

tnx for your comments