Drone animation - Beginner

Hello everyone,

I know I’m asking much, being a beginner. I need to make a concept animation and downloaded a 3d model of a drone (it’s just for a sketch) and would like to animate the propellers. Now, I’m trying to set the cameras but being used to 2d compositing (after effects) am not able to move the actual camera properly and have no clue of how it works. I’m assuming there is a tool that allows me to select different parts of the model and animate them seperately from the rest of the model.
Does anyone have the patience to help me out? Thank you in advance! :smiley:

This is a screenshot of what I currently have going on:

Two different ways I can think of. First is to use an F-curve modifier. Either the generate function or cyclic one (repeat with offset) should be able to get the props spinning at a constant rate. For basic scenes this is likely to be quite adequate.

If you need the props to speed up and slow down, then you probably want something like a custom property on the model that works with drivers. Drivers are kind of a rather pared down variant of Python scripting, but if you can do basic algebra or have done other scripting, then it’s not too hard to figure out. Then you could have the speed go up or down based on the value setting in the custom property. (Or if the property isn’t your preferred way, a bone or empty acting as a slider control can do it too.)