Drone - Experimental Short

Hello to all,

I have recently started learning blender and I have put together an experimental short using lots of animated textures and the displacement modifier. Compositing was done in After Effects.

You can watch it on my site here: datdatdat.org/drone
or in HD on Vimeo

Let me know what you think.


very cool!!


Very cool, very strange…

omg. great composition. i liek it very much!
its remembers me a bit of magnetic fluid i think.

A piece of modern art, I should say. Nice sound effects (although they are not perfectly mixed), ingenious use of Blender tools. Very inspiring work.

Wow… that was strange. Very good!

That was fun to watch :D!

awesome. I would love to see a tutorial on how you made this.
I want to make it too!

thank you for all the encouraging comments!

Nice one, it’s in the same trend that Maxime Zhestkov or Carl Burgess.
Is it made with an animated normal map or an animated texture with displace?

Very nice! It would be great to see you develop this style further.
Well done!

Nice. This reminds me of _grau, one of my favourite short films.

all the stuff on your vimeo channel are cool, but this is really slick. I love the swirls of color that happen occasionally, and the ending is slick as hell. Certainly packs a lot of awesome into a minute.

Beautiful…and hypnotic.

I’d love to see this set to loop, played on a large projector in a public place. Like a library. :smiley:

@ bupla:

yes, the two artists you mentioned definitely are a big influence.


Really nice work, you could make it a bit longer… develop it some more.

Seeing your join date and what you say, i am amazed you managed something this awesome
How long have you been learning??

That was surprisingly entertaining!:wink:

that’s some raw energy go have there…nice!! ditto on the tut request - this would be fun to explore