Drone Light Show Animator required - Brighton/London


I’m looking to make contact with animators who can help me create animations to use in a Drone Light Show.

Please see this youtube video for an example

I’m setting up a Drone Light Show company and looking to collaborate with Blender artists to create the show design. This will be an ongoing project as each show will require bespoke animation.

Please do reach out if this is the kind of animation service you could provide.

Many thanks


[email protected]


That’s a very cool job!

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Yes, Bart, it is! :wink:
If you want, you can see a Showreel with some of my work here:

Showreel Nacho Cruje - Drone Light Show 2020: https://youtu.be/uljMKmb8scU

(maybe someone else will look for this service)

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