Drone Wars - motion control tech demo / game

Drone Wars
Developer: Just me!
Game Engine: Blender Game Engine (BGE)
Release Date: Beta! NOW! RAR!
Genre: Motion Control / Flight Battle Arcade Game

Drone Wars: Beta 1 Download

I’ve been wanting to play a flight based game with the hydra utilizing it’s full range of motion. This was one of my first attempts at coding a hydra game last year. Now it’s been totally remade as a working game.

Moving your controller and rotating your controller actually moves and rotates your craft, so it’s extremely intuitive to fly around with. It has a cool menu, and 4 very different levels to play around on. It’s also been optimized to play in 3D.

It’s in beta now. I’m not sure what I want to do with it – add weapons and powerups or enemies?

I want to get it to a finished state before I move on to my next game project. Comments and Questions appreciated.
I’ll be getting a more in depth gameplay demo up sooner or later.

Anyways, give it a run if you’ve got a hydra, and 7mb of hard disk space. =)

If you don’t have a hydra, you should get one; they’re awesome!

Cool! Too bad those aren’t all that common. At least I don’t know anyone with one :stuck_out_tongue:

If we make games for 'em, getting them will end up being worth it. =)