Drone Warz - Freeware Razer Hydra game

Designed for razer hydra motion control, but you can play it with a mouse or gamepad or keyboard.

It started as a demo where you could fly a single ship around, but I decided to end up making it into a full game… and after not working on it for 4 or so months, I finished it up and released it! I guess I should post it here, because it’s pretty.


5 Pretty low poly worlds
8 way dynamic splitscreen
11 Weapons
6 Modes
Legit Soundtrack

I can’t say I am impressed… and the dude you got to do your narration sounds way to creepy.

Did you play it with a razer hydra?

Hey, I have a Razor Hydra. I’ll give it a go!

Did you make this with BGE?

Yeah, possibly my last game with BGE - it’s good for sketching stuff out quickly, but I think I’d rather stick to blender as for asset creation and use a different engine for the rest of the stuff.

Unity is great if you can afford it but you can’t beat Unreal 4 for $20 a month. That’s just mind blowing for what you get.

Cryengine is $9.90 a month. The question is - where do I get the best physics and Stereo 3D performance?

A lot of people have criticized Crytek for focusing too much on graphics at the cost of making the engine as polished as possible for actual games. In the opinion of a lot of indie developers, Epic has already mopped the floor with them.

Right now, the main obstacle with working in UE4 is the difficult process that the Blender devs. have to go through to get competent .fbx support because of the GPL, as they talk about Autodesk constantly making changes to the format and the license prevents use of the SDK.

I keep hearing the argument but in practice have had absolutely no issue with the current fbx exporter in Blender. I can’t find what it won’t do that people are asking for. I realize that it’s an extra step inside the engine (reimport) but honestly, that’s like one button push.
Unity is the easiest to use of these imo. It’s very intuitive and works very well with Blender (also uses fbx). I love Unity’s interface I just can’t afford the software and I need the Pro version because I’m a Lighter and there’s nothing for me in the free one.

well, don’t get me wrong, the hydra resource is excellent, I just don’t think the game appears complete aesthetically.

And since we have all gone off topic I would like to say this:

With regard to other engines, I believe that if you can make a good game in another engine, you should be able to make a good game in BGE, you can go look at their forums and see for yourself, the best games either took one person years, or they were done by groups or large developers.

Also I would like to add that the BGE has developed a stigma, everyone seems to say the same untrue things and it won’t change unless we get some decent games to impress everyone with, and the only way to get decent games it to get the trust of decent game developers.

Anyway, good luck with your projects! and God bless you all.

It’s a no texture game. I think it looks alright, but I had no motive to make really polished graphics. The player ship for example was made in a minute or two and never changed. It’s really just a tech demo + way too many extra features.

Unity Free doesn’t have the hydra integration I need.

Blender lacks surround audio in windows, direct x for Stereo 3D, proper physics implementation with proper physics joint breaking, proper sound / music code, and requires a ton of ugly hacks that somebody with my lack of coding experience finds demotivating.

You can really do a lot with any engine if you put your mind to it. I’ll use it to sketch game concept stuff, but I don’t intend to produce any more games with it.

It’s good to know I can get FBX from blender into UE that easily. Thanks!