Hey all,

I’m working on this drone loosely based on the ones in the movie “Oblivion”. It’s both a fun project, and a chance for me to work on my hard-surface modeling.

I’m struggling with how to connect the guns and ‘wings’ to the body. The current supports aren’t really doing it for me. They feel to industrial, like they should be holding up signs on the freeway. I also don’t want to just leave them floating.

I appreciate any responses. Images are even more appreciate.


Here are some support arm inspo images:


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@SterlingRoth Awesome! this has actually help me a lot! Got my brain out of a rut if you know what I mean.


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There is also an option to have the guns and panels as one unit, that extends out sideways, then the barrels forwards. Also look up other film/fantasy drones maybe (anime has a lot of robotics designs).