Last year I completed a film called ‘The Search for Unintelligent Extraterrestrial life part one’ some of you may have seen it. Anyway, it was all done in four weeks and the aliens I created for it are called Drones and even though they have human form they are kind of based on termites.

This April I started thinking about making part 2 of the search, I was originally going to create a completely new life form for part 2 but I like the drones so much I decided to work with them instead. Attachment Fig 1 shows how I’ve reworked the drones from the quick model I built for the first film through to their latest incarnation. The other images are concept images as I try to get a feel for the Drones environments

I’ll follow up this post with some images of the drone mesh and after that some sets and props, including the Drones Ornithopter


I like the look of this, the first short had a nice atmosphere to it, I am looking forward to the second.

Right, a quick look at the drone’s mesh which has one level of subsurface

JCLethargic thanks, now that a year has passed since I made that film I look at it and think “if only”. I feel that some of the editing is a bit slow and maybe its all rendered a bit to dark but then I never used any AO or ray-tracing to cut down on render times. Also I think some of the animation looks a little rushed so this time I’m trying to slow my work pace down and be more patient when it comes to rendering each scene.


I really like the concept of the Ornithopter (a machine that flaps its wings to fly) first time I came across them was sometime ago in the book Dune. Unfortunately they didn’t seem to use Ornithopter’s in the film of Dune, one of my favs BTW. Then later I saw Ornithopter’s in the TV show Lexx and I think I must have been a little inspired by their insect like designs.

My Ornithopter is kind of based on a dragonfly/damselfly. You may notices that none of the spheres are connected to each other, this is intentional as it’s alien technology and I’m thinking its maybe held together by some sort of ‘force’ or Drone pilot mind power, something like that.

I’m still undecided on a colour scheme for the Ornithopter and so far I have produced over a hundred renders using different textures and materials and I just can’t make up my mind with which one to go with. Anyway here are a few examples along with an image of the model un-rendered

Next; Drone architecture


The guys in white for some reason remind me of Spy-Kids,
but it also reminds me of a tree. Unfortunately, I dont have any critics about it, I really like it, its so simple, yet they have this eerie atmosphere:S hope to see more soon^^

That bug they are flying in is just a copy of the “Moth” concept from Lexx. :no:

On the other hand Lexx is fairly obscure so its possible that you came up with it yourself, and for that i applaud you for an awesome model.

Looking forward to seeing some progress :slight_smile:

Nadz-37, thanks eerie is good

Tedcase, as I said above I saw Ornithopter’s in the TV show Lexx and I think I must have been a little inspired by their insect like designs” now I haven’t seen Lexx in a long time and I’m sure there are similarities but there was no copying, anyway thanks.

hmm, i should read things before commenting on them.