drop at intersection tool

I was wondering if theres a drop at intersection tool like in sketchup? i have a lot of trees that i need to drop onto a terrain and then lower a bit so they look like theyre sticking out, any suggestions? (theres about 200 trees so id rather not do it manually, and also for that reason im going to keep them on another layer).

Addons - Object: Drop to Ground :wink:

Or copy of the dense landscape mesh where selected vertices represent places for some sort of trees;
select vertices where trees will be Shift-D duplicate and P separate in new object.
Set duplication to vertices, Ctrl-P parent one sort of trees to this “vertex object”. It will be aligned with initial mesh height.

Repeat for other type of greens.

thanks! im thinking i wont be able to do that though. ive positioned all the trees and when i go to render it the poly count is just insane so blender just ends up crashing :frowning: ive just used sticks instead for now.

another method of making a LOT of trees …you could use a particle system on the main ground plane, using the “tree” object as the particle type. make sure they dont move ,make sure they dont “die” and make sure they have slightly randomized rotation…
offset the main tree mesh into the ground somwhat, and use vertex groups on the ground plane to lay the particle “trees” where you want them… it SHOULD make it render easier, as you would be using only 1 object, (1 tree mesh)

use a different particle system for each type of plant (or each kind of tree)
It should be possible to make entire forests (thousands of trees in all) using the particle system in this way.

but make sure you have VBO’s turned on… otherwise your puter might splode (jking but it could crash blender (again))

is there a way to do that so that the trees can be positioned exactly? im basically making a masterplan render of a park and part of my project involves the trees so its really important that theyre all exactly as they are on the tree survey I took the tree locations from.

Yes, you could use particle system set to Hair and render Object. In hair mode, Cut all hair then Add ( one or several - can set value) with mouse click on the spot where needed. In essence it is the same as with Duplication what concerns pc resources; added benefit could be setting random size for particles in system. Needs fiddling with Object default rotation.

really? I thought particle based meshes used some other method to redraw the same mesh MANY times,
The name alludes me ummm… duplimeshes?.. something like that,
I remember it gave me a higher framerate and render times in older versions of blender over using hand duplicated meshes, or that might just be my wishful thinking/ bad long term memory… LOL…

anywhoo… ninehunred, yes as eppo stated a hair particle system would allow you to position the trees more accurately, although I have never replaced hair with a mesh so I’m not entirely sure how its done if a different merthod is used… but its only a google away

Dupli(verts) - vertices/faces as birthplace; dupli(frames)- duplicate objects while animating certain amount of frames, particles generating Objects; that would be (mostly - hair allows for a tweaking) automated way to do it.
On the other hand Shift-D - real duplicates, most heavy-weight or Alt-D where objects mesh, materials is the same for all instances, but positions, scale may be manipulated; these two are manual.

Hope i haven’t forgot or am totally wrong on something.

yes you’re completely right of course, only other thing worth mentioning is an ALT+D “linked clone” shares animation keys too … so theyre only really maniopulatable (scale, rotation and translation) if there are NO keys for these objects… otherwise it gets a bit messy when you play the scene and all the linked duplicated “jump” to the position the original was keyed to… sometimes catches me out if i have the action editor closed