Drop It - Free Addon

Free Blender 2.8+Addon

Drop It
Designed to drop fast and simply Objects to Ground or Surface

Version 1.1


  • Added Option: “Affect Only Parents”
  • Added Option: “Affect Selected Children”
  • Added Option: “Offset Local Z Location”
  • Added ShortCut: “V” for the Operator in 3D Viewport


  • The original Z rotation is now automatically preserved
  • “Last Operator” works great now with the new Undo System
  • Optimized UI


  • Blender 2.91+ Compatibility
  • Transformation for the child objects is now calculated correctly

Version 1.0

  • Drop to ground / surface
  • Align to surface normal
  • Suported types: mesh / helper objects
  • Random (vector up) rotation
  • Random (planar) location
  • Optimized performance for highpoly meshes



Where is the link to the add-on?

it’s online now :wink:

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It is not downloading in Gumroad’s page. I am putting my mail adress, click ‘get’ but nothing happens. I have downloaded many add-ons from Gumroad, it is not me, something must be wrong with the storage of the file.

sorry, now it works :smiley:

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Super excited to see this add-on come across - I really hate taking the time to place objects on surfaces, so this fills a need for me. Hopefully you’ll see a bit of traffic from this.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Sometimes curious things happen when using Last Operator.
For example Align to Surface switch on/off. It’s because the new undo system is a bit buggy.
To avoid that, you can drop the object again or activate the old undo system.


Very nice overview dude! Thanks for support :love_you_gesture:

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Love it. Thanks!

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Great Addon. thank you so much :slight_smile:
It would be super useful, at least for me, is there were an option to set a z-offset. With this option you can place trees not at the exact lowest vertex but place it a bi inside the ground which is often very useful.


Tried it. Very useful! Thanks a lot for offering it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it works in Mac? I use blender 2.83 but not installed properly…

Bug in Blender 2.91 (from today)

Win 10
GTX 1070 - Latest Driver

location: <unknown location>:-1
Error: Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "E:\Blender\scripts\addons\drop_it\__init__.py", line 114, in execute
    cast = cast_line(context, co.copy())
  File "E:\Blender\scripts\addons\drop_it\__init__.py", line 209, in cast_line
    context.view_layer, _origin, (0, 0, -1), distance=1000)
TypeError: Scene.ray_cast(): error with argument 1, "depsgraph" -  Function.depsgraph expected a Depsgraph type, not ViewLayer
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It works fine with Mac and blneder 2.83 :grinning:

ok i will look at it :+1:

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Hi, I just downloaded for Mac but doesn’t work. I received the zip, unzipped, preferences> load> selected file> the bottom blue bar in Blender said its loaded, but then when selecting object, right click it doesn’t show. Just so you know there is no tick box to make the add-on active. Thats the only stage that seems to be missing… looking forward to trying another version… :+1:

Do not unzip, simply select the zip-file and install :wink:

Maybe I need to stop using the nightly build of Blender due to addon incompatibility but the new features are too enchanting to ignore. Hopefully there will be a fix for 2.91 soon.

here’s some suggestions for adding more options




class WM_OT_REST(Operator):
bl_label = “REST”
bl_idname = “wm.rest”
bl_options={‘REGISTER’, ‘UNDO’}
bl_description = “Rests the Object Selected on Ground”

def execute(self, context):
    scene = context.scene

    for obj in context.selected_objects:
        mx = obj.matrix_world
        minz = min((mx @ v.co).z for v in obj.data.vertices)
        mx.translation.z -= minz


    return {'FINISHED'}




class WM_OT_CENTER(Operator):
bl_label = “CENTER”
bl_idname = “wm.center”
bl_description = “Centres the object on XYZ”

def execute(self, context):
    scene = context.scene
    bpy.context.object.location[0] = 0
    bpy.context.object.location[1] = 0
    bpy.context.object.location[2] = 0
    return {'FINISHED'}




class WM_OT_MASS(Operator):
bl_label = “MASS”
bl_idname = “wm.mass”
bl_description = “Centres object on XYZ and moves pivot to the mass orgin”

def execute(self, context):
    scene = context.scene

    bpy.ops.object.origin_set(type='ORIGIN_CENTER_OF_MASS', center='MEDIAN')
    bpy.context.object.location[0] = 0
    bpy.context.object.location[1] = 0
    bpy.context.object.location[2] = 0
    return {'FINISHED'}
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Just downloaded and used it…!!! THANKS FOR GIVING IT FREE!!!

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