Drop particles on top of model to create rubble.

I would like to create a number of rubble pieces and then drop them on top of my model to form some rubble. I’m not sure how to go about this, and I haven’t seen any tutorials that explain this method yet. So, is this actually possible? If it is, is there a tutorial I can go through that I’m not aware of?

I’m new to physics in blender, so I will be experimenting now to see what I can do, I’m thinking perhaps generating a layer of particles and setting them to be affected by gravity, and adding collision modifiers to my model may be a sensible start.



I think what you are looking for is rigid body physics on objects, not on particles.

Set your objects as rigid body (hotkey Ctrl+R in object mode) or use the physics tab of the Properties Editor. Give them something to fall onto (like a plane) which is set as a ‘passive’ rigid body. Press Ctrl+A to begin animation and watch them fall to the plane in a heap.

Thanks, that sounds like it will do the job. I think I may need to combine that with a particle system to spawn the initial objects since I might have quite a few. I seem to remember that I can convert the particles to meshes…I’ll take a look.


I recall seeing a ‘making of’ Ratatouille, where they needed a large pile of rotting vegetables for the rats to root around in. They made a mold in the shape of the pile, dropped softbody vegetable models into it (softbody so the veggies would squoosh), then took the result and turned it upside down for the actual pile they used in the shot.