Drop ship.

Good morning/evening. This is a design I have been toying with for the past three days, learning from it quite a bit, such as texturing, UV unmapping. Sure it has not made me a professional but I would like some feed back so I can get better, and possibly some feedback on the scene it self.

It’s too dark. I can’t tell precisely what’s happening.

BI or Cycles?

That was sadly from the image save, Cycles. But it seems to be alright on my side, although it is darker then expected.

The render samples are 1000 with max light bouncing of 20.

The control panels don’t seem quite right; they look bulky and low. For super tech they should be lean and more ergonomic.

Hey, I think one of your biggest issues is the camera angle. I say that because the title of your post is “drop ship”. I assume we are looking at the loading bay of a ship in a hangar. If that is the case, then we have very litle perspective information on the ship itself from this “straight-on” angle. Moreover we dont see the main focus of your piece, which I assume is the ship. Right now the focus is that red panel which someone mentioned was a bit bulky. Bear in mind the relative dimensions of objects. Having said all that…please take it with a grain of salt. Its just my opinion and I think thus far you have a great scene going. Move the camera around abit, explore it, Im sure you’ll find the right composition for your final render! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the kind words and useful advice, All of which will be used such as the console looking ‘odd’ and the angle. The ship itself is poorly modeled towards the front due to lack of time spent on it, but I will be working on that soon enough. I was caught in a debate with a friend about this scene between a on ground scene, mid air/entry or a in the hanger. I think we were both hoping the ‘hanger’ would look more Scfiy (Not even a word, I am great.) And the scale of things seriously needs fixing, I never noticed it until I was informed about it. Thank you for your kind words and support.

where is the ship? are we just looking at the inside???