Drop- water bottle

here is a “Drop” water bottle with water filter which I designed some time ago.
Whole model was made in Blender 2.63. And rendered in Blender Internal.
I had some problems with water particles- this is the reason why water looks a little bit weird.
I’m learning now how to improve my “particle skills”.:wink: So i hope soon will be better.
C&C are welcome.


It’s look nice, but could be improved.
Because of black background its hard to spot the bottles. Also i recommend to use Cycles for glass renders. All i can see on my screen is bunch of colorful plasick-ish things flying around.
Design is very interesting indeed, if you could please re-render and post it one more time, im curious about result :slight_smile:

Pozdrawiam :slight_smile:

Thanks 84d, I know that it could be improved :wink: I had a deadline for this project so I didn’t have too much time for renderings. It was for showing an idea. Of course if I will have some time I will improve this in Yafaray. I found it to be a very nice renderer.
Thanks for comment and also pozdrawiam z Polski :slight_smile: