On behalf of the MediaChicken dev team I’m happy to announce a future project. We’re creating a program suite called ‘drop2’

We’re about to release what we like to call “MediaChicken 2.0” a brand new site with brand new ideas!

What’s so great about MediaChicken ‘2.0’? We’re expanding!! Our supported platforms for development are:

Mac OS X (Universal)
Windows XP/Vista
Linux (most distros)

and the iPhone!!!

Our list of programs that we use has also been expanded!

Blender 3d
Maya 8.5 Unlimited
Cinema 4D
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Flash CS4

Coding Languages:


So now here’s the part I’ve been waiting for!


It’s a new suite that will make easy functions… well… easier! Here’s some brief examples of programs that are (and/or) will be released:

drop2bin (copy any file/folder to the /usr/bin folder to be executed!)
drop2encode (convert windows ‘smart quotes’ and other user friendly characters with standard encodings)
drop2rename (rename a file/folder with a proper title [ie: 072709_a, and the next file 072709_b] if you drag in a folder)
drop2convert (easily convert video/audio files)
drop2compile (d2c will automatically detect the file type and compile your program!)
drop2press (if you drop a file/folder it will compress it to your choice or zip/rar/tar/bzip/bz2/7z and more! If you drop any of those file it will uncompress)

That’s all!!!

To run them you can just drop a file/folder on the program icon and watch it go!

Got any tasks that you would like to make easier? Please reply here and let us know if you would like to see a cool drop2 program.

These programs will be native to Mac OS X, but we have our linux and win dev teams working on ports as we speak!

Look our MicroShi…soft… :wink:

Also we are still working on the following projects if anyone is wondering :wink:

Civilian Survival (GAME)
MacEXE (run windows programs in mac) [done, will be released with MC 2.0]
WinAPP (run mac programs in windows) [fixing environment glitches]
Lindows (run windows programs in linux) [still fixing major bugs]
LinOS X (run mac programs in linux) [still working on the framework]

And yeah…

Later guys

– Garet
– MediaChicken Founder
– Project Director/Programmer

Good stuff - all the best for this program. Can’t wait to have it finished! Have a great day!