Hey guys. do u have several computers? try using dropbox for blender.
this way, you can save ur blend files directly to dropbox and have it available from every computer.
also, you wont have to worry about textures, if you place the texture on ur dropbox, you wont ever have to re open every texture.

getting a new computer? just download dropbox and boom, all blendfiles, referance images, textues, renders, up and ready. just open the blend file, and every texture is set up for you!

if you use the following link, you will get bonus storage

at least try it out :slight_smile: i get 250MB for everyone who sets up a dropbox account.

thank you for helping me out! :slight_smile: you get 2GB for free to start with, and then you can do some simple tasks like tweeting about dropbox, using some of their other softwares, giving feedback to dropbox, and a few other simple things. this will get you up to 6GB for free, and it wont take more than 10 min to compleat all of them.

also, for every friend you refer, you get another 250MB up to max 16GB! so total 21GB of free storage! and honestly, yo wont need any more.

also, they wont try to make you pay for premium. its available, but no advertising, or attempts to make you upgrade, like many other softwares does.

Some people do need more than 16GB. I’m using well into the 100’s of GB’s on one of my setups. Thankfully i’Im running the server doing the cloud storage, so it’s free (for me). In fact, I have 2tb of ‘cloud’ storage that acts just like dropbox.
In fact, the software I’m using has more features than dropbox, allowing me to pick any folder anywhere on my computer, or to exclude certain filetypes (eg .blend1’s don’t need to be synced).

I do still use dropbox, but after some recent weirdness, I no-longer trust them to keep my data safe (There was some data lost).

You can also use Microsoft onedrive, which gives you 15 Gb and another 15 Gb if you backup your photos. Furthermore if you have/get a office 365 subscription you get 1 Tb extra space.