Dropped render in Fluids frames - random?

Hi there,
I’ve been tinkering with some fluid sims and managed to get Drqueue rendering across a cpus here.

In my 250frame simulation render I’m getting frames (seemingly randomly) which either feature half or none of the fluid object. It’s a 720p render on 2 dual core PCs with 2gb of ram running latest SVN compiled using MingW. I’ve also tried the last final 2.45 release on these frames and it reproduces the same results when rendered from within blender internal itself.

Frame 50 for example never renders the fluid but it still casts a shadow. I’ve moved the camera, change clipping settings and no joy.

Any pointers?



be sure your bake settings and anim settings extend beyond the default 250.

Thanks for the reply! :yes:

I understand what your saying, the fluid is there all the way to the end.

See below from inside blender.

And here’s the output sequence. This doesn’t seem to affect random frames since it’s everytime I render the faulty frame I get the same result.




clear your fluid cache and re-bake. It has to be there. The only other thing is like if you have the fluid changing layers or something where the camera is not picking up that layer, or the camera is not on a selected layer or the fluid material has an IPO where it goes transparent completely.

boy you just gave me a great idea for Sphere. a crying earth.

That may actually what’s going on there. I may have altered render layers which may not have been at the first frame. Let me check.

Crying Earth, yea, that’s not too bad an idea! I was using it as a reasonable test environment for the fluid behaviours and colouring etc. Still playing about with it.

if there’s no ipo’s on the layers then I’ll just re-bake it. Bear in mind I’ve probably used a recent SVN to bake them in so there may still be some kinks in the code too.

Thanks for replying!



Hmm. didn’t see any ipo animation. Guess it’s a corrupt fluid cache or something. I’m rebaking and I’ll see how that fares. Self compiling SVN’s may be one of the things causing this too goof up too. (I’m such a noob!)

This is what it should look like.

full-res tga:

Just testing out Velocity and DOF as well. If I’m learning blender might as well use something cool looking to start with!

I’ll get round to the more mundane stuff once I’m fed up with this scene. Again cheers for posting some tips.


Quick update:
Fetched Mpan’s graphical build and rebaked (in no time at all) all the fluids and rendered all 250 frames a-ok. Must have been my method of compiling the SVN or something. Also I’m fluid caching over the network so some optimisations may or may not have liked that too.

Got some weird looking elements not presenting velocity I think but I’ll post that in another thread.