Dropping (hanging) Sign


I was wondering what’s the easiest way to animate an object thats tied to an rope/(invisible) line and falls down and keeps hanging or interacts with the wind.

Example: hanging board(sign) that drops down or kite thats flying in the wind.

Can’t think of an easy method:

Would it be usefull to model a board and the rope into separate objects and apply a cloth modifier to the rope ? Then pin the rope to the board and make a simulation ? Or whats the best way ?

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I would probably just make bones in the rope an IK chain pointed at the board. So when you move the board, the ropes stay attached. Then some manual controls for the rope should be there too so you can animate it more naturally.

But this way, you have to animate it by hand, right ?
Could you give some more explanation about your method please?


Robo3DGuy has a chain here that might work…

Plus a few other options you may be able to leverage?


constraintsTutorial.blend (400 KB)

Ok cool,

Thnx alot for the nice examples, i think i’ll be able to use it. Gotta dig into files and find out how everything is related. Also need to have a good look at 2.53 since its quite new for me :P.

I got this so far, but it doesn’t look realistic…

Hey one last question, Is it maybe possible to apply Weight paint on to the chain ? I made a chain that contains the following elements, Array, Curve & SubSurf. At the end of the curve i made a (hook) Empty controller and paranted it to the object. Which works fine if i move the object myself. But aint it possible to do something with weight paint so the chain is completly flexible when I bake it ?

Can someone show me an example where the chain is flexible and the board hanging onto it and reacts on the chain more naturely.

I’m asking this since im not really familiar with animating and only know a lil from physics in blender.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about this example file.


SoftBodySwing.blend (237 KB)