This is something i’ve been working on, on and off for a few days. It had to be big enough to hold a mech that i’ve made as well as a few soldiers. Most of the modeling is done, but i might add a bit more detail yet.

very cool model! with proper texturing it could be an excellent work!

It looks sweet, but how do you land that thing?(Do the engine pods swivel?)

Yeah look a little closer they swivel.
Great model. What is this going to be for? A new game… an animation?

I love the design 8)
Good modeling

I think AO is very good at show-casing models :wink: not only for helping at liting a scene

cool ship!

Can I see the mesh?? Because I’ve got some probs with the frame edges of one ship’s body.

thx, spazz http://www.blendpolis.org/a/blender001.gif

Thanks for the comments everyone.

@ner: thanks, i hope i can do a decent job on the textures.

Fonix Wircs: yes, the engines turn so that they are all pointing down and the wings are horizontal.

djfuego: it’s going to be for an animation i’m working on, but i don’t won’t to say much about that in case i lose interest half way.

olivS: i think it’s good for that too, but really i’m just lazy and can’t be bothered adding lights for wip renders, so i just crank the AO usually.

spazz: here’s some wires but i don’t think they’ll help much.

the hard edges and stuff are weighted creases which lets me keep the mesh a whole lot cleaner.

nice work
i’m waiting for the textures now to say some more

Striking model.

Want a fleet of them!! :smiley:

very nice detail, I hope you know how to texture.

Yes I must say that I like it … I really hope you’re able to texture it well and then maybe add some fillings in the back … good work…

Nice work. I don’t know what you were going for, but I see it looking kind of japanese mech, like that, uh, gundam wing or whatever. Well made though. Let the textures do it justice! :smiley: [/i]

Wonderful design, but how does it land with those wings?

Very nice indeed, hope to see it textured.

Awesome design. Really love the look of this.

Get some textures on this bad boy and get it flying.


Thanks for the comments everyone. I started texturing today and i was really tired so i’m not sure if i’ll need to redo them in the morning or not. I’m don’t really know if these look any good so i’ll see what you all think.


Nice start.

Make sure you add some graphics and lables and stuff too.


great ship design, i would take your time with the textureing, like aner says it has the chance to be a great all around project.
you say it holds a mech you made, any chance of seeing the two together?
cool stuff, hope you take your time and finish it right :-? :smiley: