hey guys, this is the first stage of my new dropship (that will go along with all my other ships in a planetary invasion render) i need crits and comments and i also need to know how to draw seams on the main body so does anyone know how?


Is this going to be a troupe transport or an air combat vehicle only? Its also kind of dark so its tough to make out the actual shape of the vehicle.

yea it is going to be a troop and 1 vehicle transport with light defence arments

looks good, although i dont really like the shape of the wings

I agree with the blendizer. Thoes wings just look like subsurfaced cobe projections. As for the seams, I would need to know where you intend on putting them. You could always try using a UV applied bump map.

yea i agree with both of you, i hate the wings so theyre gone now and i intend on putting the seams at the front to make the window thing

Nice start but you should definitly render the ship in a light enviorment for us to see the shape and comment on it. Once you are done modelling you can always go back and add to the scene. Like this it is really hard to give critics.

yea sorry, i dont know why but i am always rendering stuff dark. anyway here is a light render of it with the horrid wings removed as promised


looks like a good start!

P.S. I know those landing gear!

yea you do, i just love those greebles!! :smiley: