A rigid body , mouse driven drop ship, flies like a crazy helicopter :smiley:

Mouse Wheel = throttle

Q- AntiGrav

Mouse - Controls motion.

A-D twist thrusters = (strafing or other maneuvers if you add mouse force)

All rights reserved
Segments of this game were part of project Wrectified,

ForceLean.py - KevinCornigan + BluePrintRandom + MarcoIT

TorqueBalence - BluePrintRandom + MarcoIT + (Kevin again?)


DROPPSHIPT.blend (733 KB)

i wont download anything if theres not any screenshoots

Shouldn’t this be in the resources forum, because it’s not really a ‘game’, but a single component of a game being worked on?

It’s like the helicopter thread, it’s also not really a game and more of a resource for others to look at (as this forum is supposed to be for the actual games that such components are part of).

ok one sec :smiley:

the GFX are very low quality, because I can’t run shaders etc. as my AMD/ati 5470 has corrupted VRam :frowning:

It’s a WIP. I want to have it be a full blown game eventually, but I can only do gameplay mechanics until I get a 350$$ motherboard :frowning:

the good news is it will be a NVIDIA with a upgraded heat sink…

so I will never run into this again…

Amd/ati 5470 in a Dell 1558 = recipe for trouble

I could either get the I7 - 8 core…

or get a crappy cpu and go with Nvida @ the time I got this…

I should have chose the better GPU over the Better CPU… but I will make do, and then I will soon have both!! :smiley:

I am willing to have it be a resource, but it’s not ready… it’s more of a “shell” at the moment.

I have however been having alot of fun playing it and modifying it :smiley:

A good motherboard is vital for a good PC! My previous MB fried and it was a Silent Pipe Gigabyte, cant remember the model. Now I have a ASUS from ROG can’t remember the model either, and it’s starting to give me troubles as well. So next year, I must upgrade!

Try a good combination of components, generally, same house components work well together… for longer! Even then, no guarantees!

This is really impressive, I really liked the way it flys.
I am sort of trying to make something similar but more 3rd person shooter.
I really hope you finish it, its great.:D.