Dross Classic Survival Horror with Multiplayer Updates on first Post

Link to Indiegogo Campaign:

I want this to be a serious, complete game. I have over 10 years of professional experience in the videogame industry.

Update: Regressed all code to 2.49b 64bits, also, got this working so it can interact with a cellphone now.

Nice camera angles :slight_smile:

While the game is being designed to be played with fixed cameras, you can switch to over the shoulder cam at any time.

Updated the link to my Indiegogo campaign in case anyone might be interested.

Another video update coming up this week.

It’s looking nice so far, personally I would have waited until I had more content before starting a kickstarter type event.
People like to see flashy graphics (or at least charming, oldschool graphics) before they commit to spending any money.
You can improve the character movment by better use of the the servo control type motion actuator. Look for a tutorial on how to use it, as it’s not easy to guess. You can also find some good tutorials on character animation, blending animations so the the character belnds in to a default animation when stationary.

Also I would reduce the specular intensity of all my materials to zero, this gives a much less plastic effect. And some dark mood lighting might give it more of a survival-horror type atmosphere.

Also to drum up business on the kickstarter you may want to get a close friend or family member to put in a couple of dollars and post a couple of positive comments. You know people tend not to eat at resturants which are empty because the lack of customers could indicate that the food is not delicious.

Thanks, Updated. Spent most of the day regressing my multiplayer to 2.49b because it was more efficient.

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Looking much better already, when you say it interacts with a cell phone do you mean the game engine is running on a phone?

Sadly, no, but I might get there. It depends how long I can last.

What type of experience?

As an artist.

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