dRot right turn problem.

I’m useing a servo to move forward and backward, but when i put on dRot to move left or right, the right turn dosn’t work, this is also a problem with Yo Frankie for me, is it a glitch in the system? Or can it be fixed? If not do you know a good alternative? I tried torque, butit just causes my character to bounce back and forth like a weird off balance top.

It works well for me!

This might be a stupid question, but are you sure it’s not the ‘right arrow’ key on your keyboard that is broken, sometimes you really can have broken keyboard keys?

Nope, it works fine, because Frankie will turn left and right when hes not in running mode, I just tested, and frankies turning problem is the opposite of the one I’m working on now, my thing can’t go right, frankie can’t go left. I don’t know.

It is a problem with your keyboard. Some keyboards (mine included) can get weird when holding down multiple keys. For example, when I play YoFrankie, using the run, forward and turn left keys in combination doesn’t work (the turn left is ignored). However, if I change the run key to something like ctrl, the combination works.

Nope, its not that, mine is really new and in good shape, I tried changing keys and things, but it dosn’t work, I’m using an add and sub, state for the turning.

Ok, I have it working now, I had to move them to the state that I was using for walking, and then get rid of my distance constraint, not sure why, but it dosn’t want to work with the constraint, thats probably the same problem I have with Yo Frankie, because it only does it in that when he is running, at which time he is paralel to the ground, so I’m unsure of what causes it.