DrQueue: how do I set it up on Fedora Core 5?

Hey guys, I’ve just downloaded the DrQueue 0.64.1 tgz file and did used the “make” command in the shell.

(DrQueue is the render farm technology for open source community)

Everything went fine but I can’t seem to start DrQueue.

I’m not sure if it’s really installed or not because I can’t seem to start it up. I’ve tried “whereis drqueue” and no results and I’ve also tried executing the program by typing the word “drqueue” but no results the message returned said “command not found”.

  1. Does DrQueue have a graphical user interface?

  2. Assuming I’ve installed it properly on my Fedora Core 5 Linux, how do I configure it so it works? (i.e. how do I set it up). I’ve tried searching their website but I keep running into how to set it up using Mac OSX or general FAQ about the potential of DrQueue.

Sorry for causing any hassles.


Sorry I spoke too soon.

Now I’ve issued the “make install” command after the “make” command.

It came up with 1 error though:

[[email protected] drqueue-0.64.1]# make install
ar r libdrqueue.a libdrqueue/3delightsg.o libdrqueue/aftereffectssg.o libdrqueue/aqsissg.o libdrqueue/blendersg.o libdrqueue/bmrtsg.o libdrqueue/common.o libdrqueue/communications.o libdrqueue/computer.o libdrqueue/computer_info.o libdrqueue/computer_status.o libdrqueue/config.o libdrqueue/database.o libdrqueue/drerrno.o libdrqueue/envvars.o libdrqueue/generalsg.o libdrqueue/job.o libdrqueue/jobscript.o libdrqueue/lightwavesg.o libdrqueue/list.o libdrqueue/logger.o libdrqueue/mantrasg.o libdrqueue/mayasg.o libdrqueue/mentalraysg.o libdrqueue/nukesg.o libdrqueue/pixiesg.o libdrqueue/request.o libdrqueue/semaphores.o libdrqueue/shakesg.o libdrqueue/task.o libdrqueue/terragensg.o libdrqueue/turtlesg.o libdrqueue/xsisg.o
ranlib libdrqueue.a
gcc slave.o libdrqueue.a -o slave
gcc master.o libdrqueue.a -o master
gcc requeue.o libdrqueue.a -o requeue
gcc jobfinfo.o libdrqueue.a -o jobfinfo
gcc blockhost.o libdrqueue.a -o blockhost
gcc ctask.o libdrqueue.a -o ctask
gcc cjob.o libdrqueue.a -o cjob
gcc jobinfo.o libdrqueue.a -o jobinfo
gcc compinfo.o libdrqueue.a -o compinfo
g++ sendjob.o libdrqueue.a -o sendjob
install -d -m 0755 bin
install -m 0755 -p ./slave bin/slave.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./master bin/master.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./requeue bin/requeue.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./jobfinfo bin/jobfinfo.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./jobinfo bin/jobinfo.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./blockhost bin/blockhost.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./ctask bin/ctask.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./cjob bin/cjob.Linux.i686
install -m 0755 -p ./sendjob bin/sendjob.Linux.i686
test -x ./drqman/drqman && install -m 0755 -p ./drqman/drqman bin/drqman.Linux.i686 || exit 0
install -d -m 0777 /usr/local/drqueue/tmp
install -d -m 0777 /usr/local/drqueue/logs
install -d -m 0755 /usr/local/drqueue/bin
install -d -m 0755 /usr/local/drqueue/etc
install -d -m 0777 /usr/local/drqueue/db
install -d -m 0777 /usr/local/drqueue/contrib
cp -r ./bin/* /usr/local/drqueue/bin/ || exit 0
cp ./etc/* /usr/local/drqueue/etc/ || exit 0
cp ./contrib/* /usr/local/drqueue/contrib/ || exit 0
cp: omitting directory ./contrib/windows' cp: omitting directory./contrib/XSI-Splash’
chmod -R 0755 /usr/local/drqueue/bin/* || exit 0
chmod 0755 /usr/local/drqueue/contrib/* || exit 0
chown -R drqueue:drqueue /usr/local/drqueue/bin/*
chown: `drqueue:drqueue’: invalid user
make: *** [Linux_install] Error 1

I’m no Linux guru but I understand that it has something to do with the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) policy, when I see the word “chown”.

The bad thing is I never knew how to change sercurity context for softwares so that I can have my SELinux enabled while making the software work.


I also get the some error my friend…
U do one thing make a drqueue user by following cmnd

useradd drqueue
passwd drqueue

then do make install
and also add following in /etc/bashrc

export DRQUEUE_ROOT='/usr/local/drqueue'

Thats all…

then u will
have base dirs in /usr/local/drqueue

Bt then i dont know how to proceed further so if u get any idea then pls mail me on [email protected] :slight_smile: