DrqwProgressBar problem

Hi @,

I got a problem using the progressbar

As I use a code like this (in the big lines)

class image:

   def __init...

   def Load()
     open file    
     for i in ... :

   def Save()
     open file    
     for i in ... :

classe Interface
  def __init...

  def gui...
    draw some stuffs, the image if loaded

  def event...
    if evt== BUTTONLOAD:

  def LoadImage



When I save, I see a nice progress bar but it seems the progressbar is running only after the file is loaded

When I do the load, the DrawProgressBar seems to corrupt the loaded data
it seems the drawprogressbar function is redrawing the gui, and so, my Interface.gui method, wich is a problem as all the data might not be available yet
Then I added ‘busy’ member to the class Interface for the gui to check if it can be drawn or if it is still loading

but now when the load is finished, the gui does not redraw anything
even if I add another Draw()

can someone help ?